About Mobius Fit: What makes us so different:

Mobius Fit is a full-function workout facility dedicated to improving your life. The philosophy is simple: with a focus on small-group training, efficient specifically-designed workouts, the best equipment (Heart Rate based training and Power Metered Spin bikes for example), and a fully-certified staff ready to help — your continuous path to better fitness is here.The club offers training sessions throughout the day in two areas: R.A.W. (Real Athletic Workouts) – form-based, high-intensity circuit training which utilize gym equipment, TRX and free-motion exercises — and Studio Classes, which include everything from Spin to Kickboxing to Yoga and rollers. Both areas offer limited class-sizes with personal attention. These two areas complement each other, with professional instruction that maximizes your total fitness potential. No session is more than an hour, so you’re in and out the door efficiently.

What is R.A.W.? RAW stands for Real Athletic Workouts — they are research-based and designed specifically for your lifestyle, improving what you already do. Each level of RAW incorporates interval training, entire body conditioning (targeting muscle-groups in your arms, legs, hips, neck, back, and core), dynamic warm-ups and other functional exercises aimed at making you stronger in every area of your life. Professional training in every session is focused on technique and form — while a limit of no more than 18 (most are limited to 14) participants ensures will you receive personal attention while still benefiting from the energy of the group as a whole.

What can you expect in the Studio? Each studio session specializes on a specific area of fitness. Spin classes offer a challenging hour of cycle-based stimulus, unlocking anaerobic and aerobic fitness that is valuable for any level of athlete.  Yoga and Pilates Mat will help you find mental balance in addition to the physical benefit. Roller classes help stretch and restore sore muscles while providing alternative training. Kickboxing combines high-intensity cardio, fighting-technique, punching-bag work and stretching. Chic Physique is an action packed high energy class that never misses a beat!  This unique program tests your power and endurance as you transition from resistance, to weights, to core work, and flexibility.

Managing Partner: Gordon Bliss”]Gordon Bliss from mobius fit redwood city health clubGordon has his degree in Human Performance from San Jose State. He was a collegiate hurdler and although he was a speed athlete in his youth, he has competed in many endurance sports, such as marathons, long distance cycling and triathlons. His current passion, for the last 30 years, is bike riding. He began his health experience at Supreme Courts in San Carlos, when he was 17 years old, and has worked, at least part time, in the health industry ever since. He was a manager at SRI International’s Fitness Center before becoming the manager of Fitness 101 for 26 years. He was Fitness 101’s only manager. His philosophy: if your not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much space! Teaches: Cycle Classes. Email: gbliss@mobiusfit.com

Mobius Fit / Fitness 101History: If you read about our managing partner you probably realize that a starting point for Mobius Fit was Fitness 101 in Menlo Park (a successful club for over 25 years). This affiliation is undeniable, but because of Mobius Fit’s size, location, and focus on small group training we are now able to pinpoint our attention on the success of our members. Our small, personal environment allows the staff at Mobius Fit the opportunity to get to know each and every one of our members. We learn what they want from their fitness program. We learn their strengths and help them improve their weaknesses. From the Receptionists to the Trainers, to the Management, we are here to help our members succeed. When our members succeed in their health and fitness goals, Mobius Fit succeeds. It’s a partnership that we take very seriously.

Square group trxFull Service Club: In addition to great classes, great employees (and great members) Mobius Fit is also a great facility. It is a full service health club in a compact footprint. We have some of the finest cardiovascular exercise equipment available, a fantastic array of weight lifting equipment, free weights and power lifting stations. Although we specialize in small group training classes you can use the club’s facility’s whenever it is open. We have beautiful locker rooms with showers, day use lockers, towel service and toiletries. Just like the big clubs we have everything you need to get a great workout. It just happens in a smaller, intimate setting. And, by the way, we have great parking and a great location.