Real Athletic Workouts

R.A.W. (Real Athletic Workouts) RAW stands for Real Athletic Workouts — they are research-based and designed specifically for your lifestyle, improving what you already do. RAW incorporates interval training, focuses on conditioning the entire body (targeting muscle-groups in your arms, legs, hips, neck, back, and core), includes dynamic warm-ups and offer functional exercises aimed at making you stronger in every area of your life. Professional training in every session is focused on technique and form — while a limit of no more than 18 participants ensures will you receive personal attention while still benefiting from the energy of the group as a whole.

Studio Classes

Studio Classes – Each studio session specializes on a specific area of fitness. Spin classes offer a challenging hour of cycle-based stimulus, unlocking anaerobic and aerobic fitness that is valuable for any level of athlete.  Yoga and Pilates Mat will help you find mental balance in addition to the physical benefit. Roller classes help stretch and restore sore muscles while providing alternative training. Kickboxing combines high-intensity cardio, fighting-technique, punching-bag work and stretching. Chic Physique is an action packed high energy class that never misses a beat!  This unique program tests your power and endurance as you transition from resistance, to weights, to core work, and flexibility.