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 Mobi-Lean 20 Day Weight Loss, Nutrition, & Lifestyle Bootcamp

Lose 5-10 pounds in 20 days!

Orientation: Friday, July 20th, 5:30pm First day of 20 day countdown – Monday, July 23rd Meetings will be on Tuesdays and Fridays at 5:30pm – Actual days July 24th, 27th, 31st, Aug. 3rd, 7th, 10th.

Cost $325

Direct any questions to Mark at     Reserve your spot at bottom of page.

All New Version 4.0!

Mobi-Lean v4.0 includes, among other upgrades, the use of three one week phases. Each phase is designed to take you to a greater level of weight loss by introducing a new diet tool. I am very excited about this version of Mobi-Lean and would invite not only new members but also anyone who’s been in the program before to come on back and check it out! – (10% discount to returning members)

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This group weight loss and exercise program will not only get you to shed the fat, teach you how to eat healthier for you AND the planet, but do so in a manner that is as healthy as it is easy to maintain. We make losing weight and getting in shape entertaining and motivating with tools like the Photo Food Journal, Can’t Wait Weight Loss Graphs, Fat Depo$its, MetCon Workouts, Trainer Talk Newsletters and more.

Mobi-Lean has worked with hundreds of successful participants and whose programs have been conducted for the likes of the San Francisco Chronicle, Logitech Corporation, Pacific Research Corporation, Alpine Hills Tennis and Swim Club, Mobius Fit and the Circus Club of Atherton.

Mark Lipanski, who has been a fitness leader and innovator in the bay area for over 20 years, has the unique ability to take seemingly complex nutritional and health information and make sense of it in a way that is utilizable to you in the real world. More ‘digestable’ if you like. Hope to see you at one of our programs soon!


Email Mark Lipanski at

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What to expect from Mobi-Lean

Awesome Weight Loss This is a 20 Day Program with weight loss and nutrition education as its goals – Women typically lose between 6 and 11 pounds, Men between 8 and 12 pounds lost. The program does not restrict calories, but it does teach you how to eat healthier and why! Improved Physical Conditioning The program mandates the you exercise using a method of training called “High Intensity Interval Training” (HIIT) or Metabolic Conditioning Training (MetCon) that address strength, cardio and core factors. This type of training produces superior results in shorter time than conventional training programs. RAW classes ARE this type of training (as are many of our classes at Mobius Fit). Long Term Change Easy to Maintain – No calorie counting and no deprivation with one cheat meal or day a week, you can do this! This is all about ‘Quality over Quantity’. A system that you can continue (and want to continue) for the rest of your life. Individual Adjustments, you are not just a number! ‘Core Plus’ Eating Plan – Not only allows for individual taste adjustment but just as importantly facilitates understanding of YOUR ‘Metabolic Fingerprint’. This is the point at which carbs become thinning or fattening for YOU, not necessarily for someone else. Improved Cardiovascular Risk Factors HDL:Triglyceride Ratio – This is the new ‘Gold Standard’ when it comes to cardiovascular health. HDL is the ‘good’ cholesterol, while Triglycerides are a measurement of our circulating blood fat. The lower the ratio, the better. Our programs WILL improve, sometimes drastically, this ratio. Most likely you will also lower your blood pressure to boot. Real Understanding and a Bit of Fun A Game Changer – No more confusion on all the different opinions of weight loss and health. Mark turns the difficult and complex, into clear and understandable. Light bulbs will go off in your head, you will finally ‘Get it’. There is also an aspect of fun to group weight loss and exercise programs done right. The ‘We’re all in this together’ camaraderie coupled with exciting results makes for a rememberable group dynamic.

Sign up HERE!

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