Member Accounts & FAQ’s

Online Account Access: If you wish to make a change to your membership account you can do most housekeeping chores online. You can log in to your account by clicking this link, "My Account" log in, and then click the "My Info" tab.


Initial Consultations or a Personal Instruction during your first class:  All new members can meet with one of our professional trainers to get their program started correctly. This can and should include having one of our trainers guide you through your first RAW Class. This service is INCLUDED with your initiation fee. If you want more information or you are a new member who wants to take advantage of this service please email Angie at

Membership Hold: We allow members to put their membership on hold once per year. We charge a $50.00 fee to put a membership on hold and a $15.00 per month fee for every month it is on hold (after the first month). There is no charge for holds due to medical reasons. Membership holds can last up to 6 months. Membership holds must be processed via email only! Please email In the email state the date to begin the hold, the date to end the hold (if known) and if the hold is the result of an injury (if so, please state the medical issue and the referring physician)

Need to cancel a Mobius Fit membership?

Membership Cancelation, complete this form and we do the rest.