Class Information

Real Athletic Workouts

R.A.W. (Real Athletic Workouts) – RAW stands for Real Athletic Workouts — they are research-based and designed specifically for your lifestyle, improving what you already do. RAW classes incorporate, interval training, and focus on conditioning the entire body making you stronger in every area of your life. During class the instructor continuously moves between the stations adjusting participants form and activity level. RAW Burn classes  incorporate a little more cardiovascular work than a standard RAW class and RAW TRX, classes emphasize more strength.

Studio Classes

In our Studio, we offer three types of classes that include Spin, Strength & Mobility and Regeneration.  Between our diverse group of Spin Instructors you are sure to find many ways to challenge your cardiovascular fitness, your leg and core strength, and your stamina.  Add to it a fun Strength & Mobility class and your entire body will grow stronger and more flexible in no time.  Finish with one of our Regeneration classes which range between a Stretch, Gentle Yoga, and Power Yoga.  Many of the Regeneration classes will spend time on rollers and massage balls for myofascial release!