Class Information

Real Athletic Workouts

R.A.W. (Real Athletic Workouts) – RAW stands for Real Athletic Workouts — they are research-based and designed specifically for your lifestyle, improving what you already do. It is the type of workouts that most athletes use to train for their respective sport and life. RAW classes incorporate, interval training, and focus on conditioning the entire body making you stronger in every area of your life. During class the instructor continuously monitors and adjusts participant's form and activity level. Each participant works on their individual equipment, they do not share equipment with other participants.

Spin Classes

We offer some of the best spin classes and spin instructors on the peninsula! Sure, you can spin at home. But, misery loves company. At Mobius Fit, we ride ICG 7 spin bikes. These bikes use color to help riders work at the appropriate level for optimal results. This allows a very scientific approach to class development and makes each class specific for the individual regardless of their fitness level. Bike fit is VERY important. You can get this all worked out before your first class by making an appointment with Gordon Bliss. He can be contacted at and he loves to help people spin to win!

Regeneration Classes

When Mobius Fit was established we wanted to include all three facets of exercise for fitness. Functional Fitness (RAW), Cardiovascular systems (Specifically Spinning but most classes stress the cardiovascular system) and REGENERATION. What we mean by regeneration is not always something easy, it is any type of class that helps you recover and refresh in order to attack your next workout, or life in general. So these classes include, Yoga, Stretching, Meditation, Roller work, Mindfulness, anything that make you, a better, healthier you!

Specialty Studio Classes

In our Studio, we offer some specialty classes taught by some of the best instructors on the Peninsula. Chic Physique which is a unique class developed by Jordana Vella is very musically oriented. Sweat to to this one of a kind class. We also offer kickboxing classes and core and conditioning classes. There is no excuse for getting stale in your routines here at Mobius Fit... staying Forever Fit.