Class Schedule

Online Virtual Classes, how it works. When you click the "Reserve" button of a online Virtual Class you are asked to sign in. You must be registered with Mobius Fit, if you haven't done so you can register at that time. If you have a membership that allows Virtual classes you will be registered for class. If you don't have a membership that allows Virtual classes you will be given purchasing options. Lastly, 30 minutes before the class begins you are emailed a log in link  for the VIRTUAL ONLINE class. THE EMAIL COMES FROM MINDBODY, not Mobius Fit. If you don't see it, check your spam/junk mail folder.

TROUBLE SHOOTING APPLE IOS ISSUES> If you are trying to take a VIRTUAL class on an Apple Mobile device and are having sound or video issues, please set your device to use the desktop version of the Class web page. You can set this permanently in Settings, Safari, "Request Desktop Website", or when in the class select the "aA" in the upper left hand corner and choose "Request Desktop Website" (this may make you rejoin the class). Another tip is to ALLOW pop ups on your mobile device for Mindbody websites (this is probably what is causing the black out issue). On a iPhone, go to:settings:safari:General:turn off Block Pop-ups.

Login issues: If you use an Apple email to log in make sure you use the one that you listed with us and Mindbody (if you used .me or .mac that is what you must use to login, in this case the suffix is not interchangeable).