Gordon Bliss

Gordon Bliss is the Managing Partner at Mobius Fit. He has been in the health club/fitness industry since 1978. He has a passion for fitness and and the life it creates… Gordon was an NCAA D1 hurdler in college, a speed athlete in his youth, he has also competed in many endurance sports, such as marathons, long distance cycling and triathlons. His current athletic passion

Gabe Brewer

Gabe grew up playing many different sports, including baseball, football, and wrestling. He participated in martial arts as a child but rediscovered his love for it as an adult in […]

Christianne Curtis

Christianne has a passion for health and fitness. She grew up in Redwood City and is a teacher by nature. In addition to her Regeneration classes at Mobius, she teaches […]

Colleen Daley

Colleen, says she became a personal trainer because she had hired her own trainer when she graduated from college and the results were incredible. She says “My body composition changed, […]

Jessie Evans

Jessie has been an athlete her entire life. She competed on the CSU Monterey Bay Women’s Basketball team as a shooting guard through her four years of college. Jessie has a passion in […]

Julian Gourdine

“For several summers, I worked at a fitness and weight loss camp. My last summer, I was promoted to the  Director’s position and managed the entire camp. My passion for […]

Denise Henry

Denise has been a competitive athlete for over 35 years and has over 25 years of teaching experience.  She is a group exercise instructor and a small group training coach […]

Anne Longo

Anne Longo has been teaching fitness classes since 1986 including high impact, high/low, step, sculpt, slide, aqua and spin/cycle. She has been an extremely successful instuctor at many of the […]

Angie Mercado

Angie is the RAW Program Director at Mobius Fit. Angie has been teaching Group Exercise classes for over 20 years.  She is the founder of Fit2Beat in Redwood City.  She offers musically charged…

Al Painter

Al has an award winning approach over 19 years of industry experience, he creates fitness programs based on what you want to do, how you like to do it and while […]