Chermayne Yago

Chermayne says “I grew up really involved with sports, basketball, track & field and softball. Softball was my primary sport, I was lucky enough to play at a collegiate level. When I finished with my BS in Sports and Exercise Therapy from Fort Hays State University in Hays, Kansas. I decided to move back home to Hawaii where I first started as a personal trainer.”
She loves working with people as she states: “The reward of being the ultimate support system to a stranger is that in time they become a friend and I get to share their journey as my journey and their success becomes OUR success, that is always the best feeling.”
If she is not in the gym  then you can find her typically at home playing with her three fluffy bunnies (probably how she gets all her energy).
Philosophy: “Hey, this is a lifestyle. Keep it simple in body and mind as well as having fun while we’re at it.”
Education: BS in Sports and Exercise Therapy; Spartan SGX Coach, TRX Coach.