Jordana Vella

Jordana has worked in the fitness industry since 1983 as a Fitness Manager and Director, Personal Trainer, Fitness Consultant, and Group Instructor.  After suffering a knee injury 2006, Jordana conducted extensive research to learn new methods of exercise to help her recover. This led to the development of her unique class, Chic Physique. 

Jordana brings unstoppable energy to every class and client she teaches. She combines her athleticism with her dance background into creative choreography in her classes and workouts; this is what sets her apart from most teachers. She is proud to say she started her career alongside of Jane Fonda and before women really worked out in weight rooms.  Fitness is forever and Jordana strives to incorporate fitness into everybody’s everyday lives.

Philosophy: Fitness is Forever (ironically, Mobius = Forever)

Education: She is certified in many modalities from various reputable associations such as IDEA. Jordana studied Dance and Nutrition at Canada College, Santa Monica College, and SF State University. She earned three national Silver Medals from the National Aerobics Championship Competitions.

Teaches: Chic Physique