Gordon’s Spin Class Week of 4/11/16

Five by Three:

Warm Up 5 minutes:

Spin Practice

85 rpm for 30 seconds low tempo (don’t change tension)

100 rpm or above 30 seconds

8 minutes

10 second 2-3 times body weight, 50 second recovery

3 minutes

Complete the following 3 times

5 minute TT

2 minutes of recovery

3 minutes of endurance

3 minutes tempo

Spin Practice

85 rpm for 30 seconds low tempo (don’t change tension)

100 rpm or above 30 seconds

2 thoughts on “Gordon’s Spin Class Week of 4/11/16

  1. So what is the goal to this work out? Could you give a few more explanations, i.e. what do you mean by “endurance”, “tempo” and “recovery” since these seem to be different for each individual.

    1. For 4 weeks in a row we are working on two things. Starting to increase raw power output and extend our Vo2 max, in other words trying to push up the time we can work above threshold. You can see that this week we are trying to push above threshold (tends to be about 10% above threshold for 16 total minutes). In order to define endurance, tempo and recovery, I first need to explain Threshold. At Mobius Fit we do a 20 minute test on our bikes about every 3-4 months. This test gives riders their Threshold power output. In very simple terms, anything above threshold is Anaerobic exercise (you can’t get enough oxygen and energy to the working cells to continue working for long periods of time), anything below is Aerobic exercise (you can do this “oxygen” based exercise for long periods of time). So as summer and hard rides are upon us we are training our bodies to be prepared to hurt for a while when we try to jump off the front of the peloton, or we are covering a break from someone who is pushing the pace. Want more information about training zones and what they mean… here is a great link (by the way they mention latic acid buildup which is not correct, but the zones are correct)… http://www.cyclesportcoaching.com/trainingzones.html

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