Keeping it Clean at Mobius Fit


Number of Porous Surfaces at Mobius Fit (hint, only TRX handles, cleaned after each usage)
How many times a DAY is Mobius Fit, deeply disinfected with our own Misting Disinfecting machine?
Number of times daily the equipment is disinfected with HOSPITAL grade spray disinfectant
Number of Gym Wipes available at Mobius Fit

Our Policies and Procedures for Social Distancing and Germ Warfare!

We are doing everything possible to keep Mobius Fit germ and virus free. But we need everyone to help, staff, members and the general public to abide by our guidelines for cleanliness and social distancing. Even with these policies and procedures in place it could be possible to acquire a viral infection such as the Coronavirus in the club. Individuals entering Mobius Fit are entering at their own risk and Mobius Fit cannot guarantee that it is a sterile environment. We encourage each individual to weigh their own risk tolerance for possibly being exposed to a virus at our facility and take their own individual action based on that tolerance. 

Our Company Policies for Social Distancing and Germ Warfare!

Our POLICY and PROCEDURES for using Mobius Fit while Social Distancing is required.

  1. Disinfecting of hands upon entering Mobius Fit is mandatory. There is disinfect at our entrance. Everyone entering the building is required to disinfect their hands before proceeding to the check in desk.
  2. At the check in desk, your temperature will be taken by the desk staff using a no-touch infrared thermometer. If your temperature is over 100 degrees you will not not be allowed entrance to the club.
  3. Check in to the club using our iPad check in tablet (or the desk staff will check you in). Then, disinfect your hands one more time.
  4. Locker rooms will be restricted to 2 individuals at a time in the men's room and 3 individuals in the women's room.
  5. Cardiovascular equipment will be available but you will not be allowed to exercise next to another person (six foot distancing). Some exercise equipment will be placed off limits.
  6. There is no sharing of exercise equipment with another member unless the equipment is "wiped down" with our disinfecting spray or gym wipes between uses. Exercise equipment will NOT be shared in classes.
  7. All RAW classes and Studio classes will have dedicated spaces for each individual. Approximately 7 foot by 7 foot areas.
  8. We will be limiting the total number of people in the gym at one time.
  9. Locker rooms will be available but only 3 women in the women's room at a time and 2 men in the men's room at a time.
  10. Face Masks may be required, we will make an official policy on this once we get guidance from SM County Health Department.


Our Cleaning Procedures


  1. From the start Mobius Fit has always tried to keep a clean facility. When we designed Mobius Fit we put in no porous surfaces.
  2. We have 7 UVC (Disinfecting light) Hepa Air Purifiers running in the club at all times.
  3. A professional cleaning company cleans Mobius Fit every night after we are closed.
  4. At closing time we use our disinfecting/deep cleaning using our misting machine to mist the entire club with a germicidal cleaning solution.
  5. We close each day from 2:00 to 2:30 p.m. and disinfect/mist high use areas of the club.
  6. We disinfect all used equipment and high touch areas hourly.
  7. We wipe down all equipment used in a class immediately after the class has ended.