Membership Information

No long term contracts: all memberships are month to month, no risk.
Guaranteed: if in 30 days you are not loving Mobius Fit we will reimburse your initiation fee if you want to leave the club.
Online Account Access: from payment methods, to account changes, to your personal usage history, to the termination of your membership, you can see and control it all.
Initial Consultations or a Personal Instruction during your first class:  All new members can meet with one of our professional trainers to get their program started correctly. This service is INCLUDED with your initiation fee.
Membership Hold: We allow members to put their membership on hold once per year. We charge a $50.00 fee to put a membership on hold (this fee is waived when the hold is for medical reasons). Membership holds can last up to 6 months. The member must choose the month to restart the membership at the time of the hold (complete month holds only).
No Gimmicks: we publish our prices, every member pays their fair share.
To experience Mobius Fit is to love Mobius Fit. Even though there is very little risk in joining Mobius Fit, some people want to try it first, we understand that. Want a FREE one week membership to try us out? Click the button:
Individual or Primary: As a “Primary Member” at Mobius Fit you have access to all of the facilities and classes we teach, there are no hidden fees. In addition, you have access to one of our professional trainers to help you get started. Initiation Fee: $150.00 Monthly Fee: $191.00.
Significant Other: Significant Other” members must have a “Primary Member” to partner with and the dues for membership must be paid by the same method (e.g. the same credit card or bank account). “Significant Other” members have the same privileges as “Primary Members”. “Primary Members” may have more than one “Significant Other” on their account. Initiation Fee: $100.00     Monthly Fee: $129.00
Family Memberships: must include one Primary member and can have up to 3 family dependents between the ages of 14 and 21. The Primary member must be the parent or legal guardian of the dependents. This membership must be combined with an Individual (primary) membership and the dues must be collected from the primary account. Initiation Fee: $50.00 (per dependent) Monthly Fee: $100.00 for one dependent and only $25.00 for each additional dependent!
Local Student:  If you are a local student you can join Mobius Fit as a “Student Member”. As a member you have access to all of the facilities and classes at Mobius Fit. In addition, you have access to one of our professional trainers to help you get started. A “Local Student member” must be under the age of 22 and attend a local high school or college within a 25 mile radius of Mobius Fit. A current student ID is required. Initiation Fee: $50.00 Monthly Fee: $120.00
Corporate Memberships: Mobius Fit offers an array of Corporate Membership options. If you have under 10 employees who will be part of the membership we can set the employees up as “Significant Others”. If you have a larger group of employees you wish to access Mobius Fit please contact Gordon Bliss and he will put together a custom plan for your organization. Email Gordon at
Class Packages of 10 Classes: If for some reason you can’t commit to a full time membership at Mobius Fit at this time, then maybe class packages are the answer for you. Class packs allow you 10 classes for $225.00. You can take any class you wish. Class packs expire 6 months from the day of purchase.

Small Group Training, Personal Attention

If you have any questions feel free to call us at 650-365-3300 or email