The CoreTechs racing team was founded and still owned by Mobius Fit member Andrew Adelman. You won’t see him at the club a lot in the summer, he is racing, but he is an afternoon fixture in the winter time. You can contact Andrew about his race team or his recruiting company at

The CoreTechs Cycling Team was founded in 2009. We are a Northern California race team and are a USA Cycling licensed club.

Our mission is to enhance our riders enjoyment when they are riding their bikes and provide teammates and teamwork when racing. We are a group of like minded cyclists who are into riding hard, fast and often. We do our best to develop strong camaraderie, fun competition and good teamwork. We also do our best to remember this is our hobby, not our profession. We want to be the strongest rider we can be, but still be a decent human being. Our guys are capable of smiling during a ride and resist the urge to head wag with that display of smug superiority you so often see from other cyclists. We have a blast with cycling and this team.