From the moment I took my first yoga class in May 2000, I knew I would be a dedicated, life-long student of the practice. As I watched the other students move, my eyes and heart opened to the possibility of discovering a connection between body and spirit. Though I had no idea what I was doing, I noticed that they were focused and strong and I wanted to know that for myself.

Seventeen years later, yoga is like water, food, and sleep for me: a necessity of life. I embrace my practice as an opportunity to use movement and breath to get out of my head and into my heart.

I consider teaching as another way to practice yoga—being present not only for myself, but in service to others. Naturally inquisitive, I view teaching as a way to continue learning new things about myself, while guiding others to learn something new about themselves with every experience on the mat. I make the practice in my Vinyasa classes accessible to all levels of ability, using alignment-based cues and easy to follow sequences to help students connect with their bodies and breath, caring deeply about the potential for yoga to transform people’s lives. My playlists set a tone for the class experience and inspire how people move.

For seven years, I practiced Ashtanga Vinyasa yoga led by Larry Schultz (It’s Yoga International, San Francisco), founder of Rocket yoga and long-term student of K. Pattabhi Jois. I have since practiced other Vinyasa styles, gravitating towards teachers who inspire students to push through the fear in their minds and hearts and explore new territory. In 2017, I completed my 200-hour Vinyasa teacher training with Noell Clark Yoga (Downtown Yoga Shala, San Jose), and, having taken thousands of classes from a variety of teachers in the San Francisco Bay Area, have built an extensive toolkit of experience and understanding from which to draw as a teacher. I am registered as RYT® 200 with the Yoga Alliance.