Our Favorite quote for Laura: Life begins at the end of your comfort zone!

Teaches Cycle. Laura is certified  for power-specific indoor cycling by CycleOps (Saris) and Stages and has over 12 years of teaching experience. Her passion is outdoor endurance sports. Taking up cycling after college and competing for several years in USCF races, she soon found her niche in longer competitions and has ridden extensively throughout the western US as well as in the Alps, Pyrenees, and Dolomites. She also has decades of experience in nordic skiing and holds several medals from National Masters and World Masters competitions. A geophysicist by day, Laura likes indoor training to be fun, focused, and challenging. She draws heavily on her outdoor sports background for class design and promotes power-based training principles to enable members to personalize their workouts even in a group setting. If you would like to read about this incredible athlete and one of her endurance triumphs click this link: www.the508.com

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