Where do I start?

Not sure where to start on your path to better fitness? Let us help you. Currently we have two trainers specifically selected to help get you started. They will meet […]

Personal Training

Even though we are principally a Small Group Training facility we do offer Personal Training Services for that extra special attention. One of the unique advantages that a Personal Trainer […]

Indoor Cycle

New to Spin classes? No problem! We can set you up and make you comfortable before you ever take your first class.¬†Want to really get into the Power Mode? At […]

You are what you eat!

At Mobius Fit we are happy to help with your nutritional needs. Our Mobi-Lean program is designed as an educational program with a jumpstart component to help you lose weight. […]

Site Management

In addition to operating Mobius Fit, we also have a successful business in the arena of working with corporations and public agencies. We operate Fit@PRC for the Pacific Research Center […]