RAW and Studio Classes

You have to travel to several studios to get the variety of classes offered at Mobius Fit. At our Redwood City location, we offer three distinct class categories. RAW, are our functional conditioning classes that are taught on the main floor. In the STUDIO, we hold our Group Conditioning specialty classes, which include a great spin program, conditioning classes, and REGENERATION classes. (Click the class name on our schedule for specific class information).

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Be a part of something special.

We are a lot more than a health club, we are a group of people helping each other, help themselves. Over 50% of our members have been with us since 2014! We also see over 85% of members at least monthly. Members are the reasons we are in business. Fitness is our passion. Studies tell us that exercising with others, "Group Exercise," significantly increases the odds of being successful in your fitness routine. So the only question is, are you ready? Read more to see your membership options.

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Mobius Fit is just a starting point.

From classes, to personal training, to nutrition assistance, to running your company's fitness center we have the staff experience to make it happen. We operate corporate fitness centers on the peninsula, and in the East Bay. We also contract out personal training services... so how can we help you?

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Our Services

Small Group Training

Small Group Training is the fundamental method of training at Mobius Fit. Similar to personal training because it is supervised, but you have the benefits associated with working out with other motivated individuals. It is proven that individuals who work out with others are more successful in achieving their health and fitness goals. Our classes are effective, efficient, and motivating. Both our RAW classes and our Studio classes limit the number of individuals that can attend any particular class. Don’t worry though, you can make a reservation so you are assured a spot in class.

Where do I start?

Not sure where to start on your path to better fitness? Let us help you. Currently we have two trainers specifically selected to help get you started. They will meet with you, discuss your goals and evaluate your current fitness level. At that time they will make recommendations on what classes would best fit your goals and what classes are appropriate for you current fitness level and exercise experience. As a new member, if you would like to take advantage of this free service feel free email any of these trainers and they will find the time to meet with you. Angie Mercado: angie@mobiusfit.com or Jamie Slover: Jamie@mobiusfit.com  

Personal Training

Even though we are principally a Small Group Training facility we do offer Personal Training Services for that extra special attention. One of the unique advantages that a Personal Trainer has at Mobius Fit is that they can incorporate a schedule of our Small Group Training classes into your training regimen. At Mobius Fit we have several trainers who, in addition to teaching classes, are also great Personal Trainers. Personal Trainers at Mobius Fit work directly with each individual so you can coordinate your schedules, program designs, and personal items directly with them. A great place to start is with, Gordon Bliss,  the managing partner of Mobius Fit. He can help you pick the right personal trainer to help you achieve your goals. The staff page is currently under construction but will be up very soon.

Indoor Cycle

New to Spin classes? No problem! We can set you up and make you comfortable before you ever take your first class. Want to really get into the Power Mode? At Mobius Fit, many of the indoor cycling classes use the bike’s Power Meter to provide feedback and work levels for each rider. This allows a very scientific approach to class development and makes each class specific for the individual regardless of their fitness level. Bike fit is VERY important. You can get this all worked out before your first class by making an appointment with Gordon Bliss. He can be contacted at gbliss@mobius.com and he loves to help people spin to win!

Nutrition & Weight Control

We know that the workouts at Mobius Fit help many members lose weight. But, lets face it, food is the first priority in weight loss. Our Mobi-Lean program is designed as an educational program with a jumpstart component. This program is led by one of our trainers and corporate Fitness Director, Mark Lipanski. Mark runs our corporate fitness program in the East Bay, but he visits Mobius Fit to run this incredible program. This program will help you lose weight, but maybe most importantly you learn many methods that help you keep it off through proper nutrition and exercise. For more detailed information and program dates visit this page: Mobi-Lean Email Mark for more information: mark@fitprc.com

Site Management

In addition to operating Mobius Fit, we also have a successful business in the arena of working with corporations and public agencies. We operate Fit@PRC for the Pacific Research Center in Newark, CA, the Fitness program at Sharon Heights Golf and Country Club and we maintain a Personal Training Program for the Woodside Fire District. We have also helped Sequoia Union High School District with continuing education for their Physical Education Teachers. We would be happy to discuss any special programs you or your company may need. Contact Gordon Bliss at gbliss@mobiusfit.com

More than just classes, Mobius Fit!

Full Service Locker Rooms

It is rare that small specialty clubs have full service locker rooms and services, but we do. Our locker rooms have all the amenities you expect in a high quality clubs. Day use lockers, shampoos, soaps, conditioners, hair dryers, we even provide high quality towels for your showers and your workouts. All included with your membership.

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A real gym, not JUST classes.

In addition to offering over 350 classes per month, we are also a complete gym. You can use Mobius Fit anytime we are open, you don't have to take a class (even though we think they are great). Free weights, machines, cardiovascular equipment, it's all here, just waiting for you!

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Located between highway 101, highway 280, in the middle of Woodside Road. We border Redwood City, Atherton, Menlo Park, Woodside and Portola Valley. We have plenty of parking, both on-site and on the street. You can get to us from Woodside Road or from Selby Lane from Menlo Park and Atherton.

Latest News

Here is where you will usually find the up to the minute news (again we are in the middle of rebuilding the site). Clicking the read more button below will take you to a more detailed page of the club's happenings.

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Meet the Staff

We currently have over 80 individuals on our team in our various locations. This allows us the ability to move staff and share staff as needed. But, obviously the instructors here at Mobius Fit are our rock stars. We have, literally, over 250 years of teaching experience here at Mobius Fit (not even including the staff at our corporate sites). Want to see the instructors up close and personal...

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The starting point for Mobius Fit was Fitness 101 in Menlo Park (a successful club for over 25 years). This affiliation is undeniable, but because of Mobius Fit’s size, location, and focus on small group training we are now able to pinpoint our attention on the success of our members. Our small, personal environment allows the staff at Mobius Fit the opportunity to get to know each and every one of our members. We learn what they want from their fitness program. We learn their strengths and help them improve their weaknesses. From the Receptionists to the Trainers, to the Management, we are here to help our members succeed. When our members succeed in their health and fitness goals, Mobius Fit succeeds. It’s a partnership that we take very seriously.

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1709 Woodside Road

Redwood City, CA 94061